Monday, April 6, 2015

California Access To Midwives- SB408 hearing TODAY!

So much is going on in California regarding access to midwives. Today, the hearing for Midwifery Assistant Bill SB 408 is happening. Support for this bill has the possibility of making positive change for the home birth midwifery environment in California. 

SB 408 would define the role of a "Midwife Assistant." It would allow for the training of individuals for basic care such as, "administration of medicine, the withdrawing of blood, and midwife technical support services under the supervision of a licensed midwife in California. Right now, births are usually attended by two midwives or a licensed midwife and a midwifery student currently enrolled in a midwifery program approved by the state of California. By defining and legalizing the role of a midwife assistant, SB 408 helps standardize care while also allowing more access to midwifery care.

Why does this bill matter to you? In rural areas, like northern California, where there are fewer midwives, women can have increased access to midwifery care if the role of a "midwifery assistant" is approved. Midwives can reach more women who wish to safely birth at home, and they can have an attendant who is trained and reliable. Many in California live in areas far from access to hospitals or large midwifery groups. Not only could the passage of SB408 increase access to care, but more midwives means lower health care costs, a universal concern for all Americans. 

Increase access to midwives! #KeepOurMidwivesFree

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