Friday, March 1, 2013

California Association of Midwives Needs Help!!!

I was asked to share this letter-
If you can help, please contact them!

Dear birth professionals and supporters of midwifery,

I'm reaching out to you to ask for your help related to California midwifery legislation. Everything is moving very quickly at this point with the upcoming sunset review, our lobbying efforts and introducing our preferred legislation.  ACOG has introduced their own bill on midwifery and CAMs efforts to deal with all this effectively is hanging in the balance.  Protecting our licenses and our ability to care for families is a urgent matter right now.

So here's my request. All of our legislative efforts have caused a massive workload above and beyond our already very busy lives. In order for me to continue at the pace that's needed, I need an administrative assistant to help with communications, scheduling, meetings and whatever else becomes necessary during this legislative process. This could be a student midwife interested in contributing and learning about midwifery politics or a political science student interested in an internship.  Someone able and willing to work on our social networking campaign is needed too. This could be the same person or not. 

I'm not just asking for ideas about where I could look. I'm asking for those of you in CAM region 2 to contribute to our efforts to protect your license by finding someone for me.  Ideally someone who lives close enough to come to my home office one or more days a week.  A lot can be handled remotely as well. 

Thank you. I truly appreciate any support you can give with this matter.

In partnership,

California Association of Midwives
 Contact Constance Rock at-

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