Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Make Home Birth More Available To Medi-Cal Women

(This is a message from CAM - California Association of Midwives- looking for testimonials from women.  At the bottom is a form you can fill out if you were UNABLE to have an out of hospital birth because of lack of coverage by Medi-Cal.  Thanks for your help!  We can make midwifery more accessible.)
Hello everyone, this is a forward which contains more information on how we can participate alongside CAM's efforts to support availability of midwifery care.  Thank you for reading and passing along! -Wendy, Region 1. 

As we proceed in our legislative efforts this year, we are continuing to focus on the issue of limite
access to out-of-hospital birth and licensed midwives.  We are seeking testimony from families who desired out of hospital birth but were unable to access it due to the Medi-Cal barrier, as well as testimony from birth workers working with this population.  Please forward the form below widely. 

Thank you!

Sarah Davis

Were you unable to plan an out-of-hospital birth because licensed midwives are unable to take Medi-Cal?
 Know someone in this situation? Fill out this form!

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